3x3 Video Grid Editing Package

What is the 3x3 Video Grid Editing Package?

The purpose of the 3x3 video grid is so we have the optimal amount of content to start testing and begin creating IF/THEN sequences.
Why=Awareness, How= Engagement, What= Conversion

We start with 3 "why" videos. These are videos that tell your story/mission/goal.

In a "How" video you are showing the value that your product/service has to offer, but you aren't selling them. Examples (A testimonial of why people love the health care you offer, a video of you helping some elderly people, etc) -- We can go deeper into what videos will work best.

Your "what" videos are the selling videos. These will show what your service offers and how much it costs. (These are your Ads) They will be targeted to remarketing audiences from the "why" and "How" and then directing them to a conversion site.   
Running the customer through this funnel increases the chance for conversions. We are building a relationship with your customer. People will buy from someone they trust. Building trust with lightweight touches along the way that results in a purchase is our goal.

For $347, our team will edit the videos in your 3x3 video grid as well as some light consultation (some feedback from our team on how to organize your videos).

Is the 3x3 Video Grid Editing Package For You?

Small business owners who have an existing business with ONLY ONE location who would like expert help in implementing their Facebook ad campaigns.

Must be in business for AT LEAST 2 years and have reference-able customers/reviews, since this is what we need to win in digital.
This is NOT for companies that have a marketing department or work with multiple agencies, we designed it to interact with just one person.

If you are selling MLM, adult, gambling, wealth-creation or related products, digital marketing agency, this package is NOT for you.
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